Little Company of Mary Sisters Africa

How we minister

Venerable Mary Potter longed for the world to recognise that in Jesus is the tender and compassionate touch of a God who loves deeply the people of God’s creation. She knew that the world would know this only if love was made real, through those who would touch an aching heart, nurture a lonely spirit and ease pain, through constant prayer or presence in ministry. Sisters, Associates, Affiliates, co-workers who would, as Pope Francis says, make tenderness present in our world.

Our “mission of love” is expressed first through our original, common and constant ministry of prayer and care for those who are sick and dying. This is the ministry to which every Sister of the Little Company of Mary is called.  It is also expressed in the ministries of individual Sisters, and through the services of the Little Company of Mary, wherever they are found.  

Today, the Little Company of Mary and the Greater Company of Mary are working to make a difference – that all might have life to the full.